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Issues Affecting You

Mike Baker would end
school property tax

  • Strongly supports HB76 to end school property tax in Pennsylvania
  • EVERYONE, not just property owners must pay their full & fair share
  • Public schools should spend our dollars ONLY on EDUCATION & should share administrators among multiple districts to save money
  • Smaller property tax burdens will result in more home-ownership, more construction jobs & an overall far stronger economy

Mike Baker believes in
choice in education

  • Parents, not the government, must decide where their kids go to school
  • Educational dollars should follow the student

Mike Baker believes in less government spending

  • Has NEVER voted for a tax increase
  • Has initiated multiple money-saving programs for Indiana County
  • Has shrunk county debt by $12 Million in just four years

Mike Baker is strongly pro-life

  • NO public funding for abortion & would defund Planned Parenthood

Mike Baker fully supports
the second amendment

  • Opposes regulations designed to take away the rights of law-abiding gun owners who have committed NO CRIME
  • Is a firearms owner & supports the rights of all Americans to bear arms, stand their ground, & protect their lives, families, and homes

Mike Baker says workforce development = jobs

  • Businesses & industry will locate near trained, job-ready personnel
  • Training in trades and technical specialties is essential to success & helps talented students avoid huge, unnecessary student debt
Mike Baker State Representative

I’d appreciate your support on May 15th!

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